Confessions of a former VG reviewer–or Video-game review archive

April 8, 2007 at 3:02 pm | Posted in Video-game reviews | 3 Comments

Here’s something else you might not have known about me: I used to review video-games both for fun and for this crappy ad-filled web-space known as Things started to head south both for me and the site–I wasn’t very stable mentally, and had several nervous breakdowns over the most trivial of issues, including but not limited to what I refer to as “obsessionless obsessions.” Perhaps I’ll elaborate on all this later. At any rate, sometimes I wonder if I should commence reviewing games again. At, I eventually wound up out of commission, but my superiors Ryan and Tony moved up, as it were, to a pretty OK site. To be honest, I personally wish reviewing video-games was more like reviewing movies–with more substance than style, but these are the types of sites that draw up the most viewers. For the time-being, I have created an archive of my past work on a separate blog.


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