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August 13, 2009 at 4:53 pm | Posted in Politics | 1 Comment

Hey, Eric here. I am aware that I haven’t blogged regularly for a long while. I have some good excuses but they are rather personal in nature. I have been struggling with mental health problems related to my comorbidity of OCD/Aspergers; more specifically, I have been struggling to find help. I am finally gaining confidence that this is turning around for the long term but it took from at least August 2007 for me to find the help that I needed. Canada’s healthcare system is in dire straights just for physical disorders alone but it is in a true crisis when it comes to obtaining treatment for mental-health ailments such as Bipolar disorder or Tourette’s (it seems that there is more funding for Schizophrenia treatment though).

At any rate, I do not feel comfortable dwelling on this yet. I may explore this some more at a further date but for now I want to get right back into what I feel this blog was often best at: posting and commenting on the news. To be honest, while I was struggling with treatment for my various afflictions I neglected to keep up with current events and this may make me seem like an ignoramus at first.  However, I have resumed following the news more methodotically using a neat program called “Google Reader”. There apparently is a way to make it easier for me to share all the news I have found using the reader to this blog but I haven’t figured out that trick just yet. Also, I may limit my news commentary for a short while longer until I am sure that I can and will keep this up. Now without any further delay:

Well, there you have it. I found the second article from the top to be of especial interest. I hope to be back soon.


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  1. Good to hear you’re taking an interest in news & current affairs again Eric. Now we can talk about interesting news items again. I want to e-mail you an interesting statistic video I got on the explosion of the Islamic religion -population.

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