Can an Asperger/OCD comorbidity lead to depression?

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It’s just so hard. It’s just so difficult to face each day more often than not. I am trying to get better but running doesn’t help much anymore. I don’t get a runner’s high and I just tire myself out. Walking has its moments, however. I am trying to cope with my mental illnesses and part of the way I am attempting to cope is through writing in this blog. This isn’t an easy feat for me as I often have so little energy and/or motivation to write. I don’t really care that no one is likely to be reading this; that is not the point. I just need to get by each and every day and take it “one day at a time,” and writing these entries is part of this process. I hate that expression! I wonder who came up with it because I interpret it as meaning that each day can be a struggle filled with obstacles and you have to hope that the next day is better, hence taking it one day at a time.

Currently I am on a dose of 30mg Miritzipine (Remeron), a rather unique antidepressant that was developed in the mid-nineties. I’ve been on this dose since the middle of July but it’s having little if any effect. I’m also on another rather unusual antidepressant that is sometimes used to help people stop smoking and it’s known as Wellbutrin–I can’t remember the spelling of the generic name right now. I’ve just started this medicine four days ago at 100 mg in the morning. I don’t think it is helping. I made a new year’s resolution to complete the Montreal marathon in 3:45 and I must honor this resolution. But running is so much more difficult. I’m not entirely sure I can pull it off but it’s still definitely possible.



Problems with THE BLUE ZONES

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The problem I have with The Blue Zones is that it is highly unscientific. Dan Buettner may also be guilty of selective reporting. For example, he mentions how the centenarians he has profiled only “rarely” eat meat but causally describes a Costa-Rican centenarian that goes to the butcher every week (and eats red meat at least weekly). The very first chapter, “the truth about living longer”, cautions that there are no true indicators to predict one’s longevity. The rest of the book then describes the attempts to do just that! Except, that fist chapter is never really discounted. Much of the information provided is basic common sense–eat a healthy diet with whole grains, fruits and vegetables, do not smoke, drink in moderation, exercise regularly, etc. That’s good advice to follow but it’s nothing new and it’s likely information that you were already aware of. It also is not proof for living well into your 100s and staying healthy. I took the “online life expectancy test” officially sponsored by Dan Buettner and, despite the fact that I try and eat a very healthy balanced diet and go running roughly 5 times a week, I apparently am only going to live until 77. It was a very unscientific test though so I hold it no credence. Just for fun, though, I plan on taking the test again when the meds I am taking have finally stabilised.

Take THE BLUE ZONES with a few grains of salt

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I found the following news items to be of interest today:

Of especial interest to me is the very first article profiling the Taliban; in fact, I’d label it a must-read for a quick yet concise analysis on the history and evolution of the Southasian Taliban movements.

However, I have a more pressing matter on my mind. I have just finished reading a book called The Blue Zones and took the official online “life expectancy test” referred to from the book and while I find that there are some good ideas that are worth applying it is a very unscientific analysis on the secrets to living beyond 100 years healthily (and the online test is almost a joke). It’s late now at 10:30pm and I should have completed this draft sooner because now I’m getting too tired to rant about some of the problems I have found with this book. I’ll save this for my next post. In the meantime I’m just surprised that, certain sensible advice aside, this book has not recieved more criticism and scrutiny within the scientific community.

The peculiarities of Google Reader

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I found the following news items of interest today:

Furthermore, for anyone who may be curious, I’m going to be bold enough to set a link to a feature of “Google Reader” known as “my shared items”. In this particular case, expect to be educated on various psychiatric drugs and their effects. I found these items to be very revealing during my research on different drugs and herbs that affect brain chemistry. I may need to fiddle with this feature later on but I think this should work as is for the time being.

Back, hopefully for good

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Hey, Eric here. I am aware that I haven’t blogged regularly for a long while. I have some good excuses but they are rather personal in nature. I have been struggling with mental health problems related to my comorbidity of OCD/Aspergers; more specifically, I have been struggling to find help. I am finally gaining confidence that this is turning around for the long term but it took from at least August 2007 for me to find the help that I needed. Canada’s healthcare system is in dire straights just for physical disorders alone but it is in a true crisis when it comes to obtaining treatment for mental-health ailments such as Bipolar disorder or Tourette’s (it seems that there is more funding for Schizophrenia treatment though).

At any rate, I do not feel comfortable dwelling on this yet. I may explore this some more at a further date but for now I want to get right back into what I feel this blog was often best at: posting and commenting on the news. To be honest, while I was struggling with treatment for my various afflictions I neglected to keep up with current events and this may make me seem like an ignoramus at first. ¬†However, I have resumed following the news more methodotically using a neat program called “Google Reader”. There apparently is a way to make it easier for me to share all the news I have found using the reader to this blog but I haven’t figured out that trick just yet. Also, I may limit my news commentary for a short while longer until I am sure that I can and will keep this up. Now without any further delay:

Well, there you have it. I found the second article from the top to be of especial interest. I hope to be back soon.

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