Experimental resumption

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U.S., Iraq agree pact giving U.S. troops until 2011
McCain and Obama meet in last White House debate
Taliban may give up al Qaeda, ex-minister says
British man pleads guilty to failed bomb attack

It’s official–I am resuming this blog on a daily basis but I’m still experimenting with different blogging software. In the meantime, please feel free to click on any of the links above for certain news articles I found interesting.

So far what I don’t like about Scribefire is that it doesn’t let me change the colour of the links.


Scribefire formatting issues

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Palestinians sue for money over settlement

Jewish ‘modesty patrols’ sow fear in Israel

Thai troops patrol Bangkok after clashes

Russia to extend Georgia pullback | Top News | Reuters

Please bear with me as I continue to get the hang of Vista and subsequently new blogging software such as scribefire. I still don’t know if I like the idea of these live blog-editors–some privacy concerns among others–but for now I’m still giving this a shot. So what do we have in the news today? I’ve only picked a small sampling and although I’ve read them I’m frankly too tired to comment on any of them now. I hope to start “real blog entries” again soon. Now I wonder how this will look upon posting….FYI, in the unlikely event someone stumbles upon this particular entry and has read the (presumably working linked) articles feel free to add a comment to drop me your thoughts and perhaps we can get a dialogue going. I have a lot of more thorough analysis on some of my earlier entries though.

Inspiron 530, Vista Premium, and Scribefire test.

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I might actually start updating this blog on a daily basis again but first I need to get a greater grasp of the Vista OS and its related software and get a greater feel for my new computer in general. This is only a test to see if I can post this using ‘Firescribe’.

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