Russian murder investigations

August 27, 2007 at 1:26 pm | Posted in Politics | 1 Comment

In news that’s sure to be an absolute shock to everyone, as absolutely no one saw this coming, Russian prosecutors have heavily implied that exiled tycoon Boris Berezovsky was behind the murder of noted journalist Anna Politkovskaya, the latter of whom exposed many of Russia’s untruths. Berezovsky’s motive? Why, to discredit the Kremlin and make Russia as a whole look bad, of course and, according to Prosecutor-General Yuri Chaika,

Forces interested in destabilizing the country, changing its constitutional order, in stoking crisis, in a return to the old system where money and oligarchs ruled, in discrediting national leadership, provoking external pressure on the country, could be interested in this crime.

He also stated the “investigation has led us to conclude that only people living abroad could be interested in killing Politkovskaya.” Please correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the Prosecutor-General work under the Kremlin? And if he doesn’t, does it really matter? After all, the prosecution is doing such a good job finding out who the killers might be after almost a year. Only a very unimaginative, boring, logical-thinking prosecutor would think that because Politkovskaya had many enemies in the Kremlin and the FSB her killer or killers were likely from those establishments. It takes a true genius to figure out that the real culprits initiated this plot so that people would falsely assume the government was involved even though it was really a plot to discredit Russia’s image. My hat is off to you, Yuri Chaika, for proving beyond compare that despite recent hyperbolic criticisms, the Russian justice system is alive, well and is functioning with maximum efficiency and fairness.

To see the news-article in its full context, please click here. To see my previous commentaries on related Russian issues, please click here and here.


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  1. Good stuff Eric. An intriqing story, for sure. One day thI bet they’ll be a movie made about this murder & a trial, etc. And you’ll be very aware of what really happened.

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