Am I ready for my first marathon?

August 1, 2007 at 12:32 pm | Posted in Miscellania | 2 Comments

This is basically just a stream-of-consciousness extension of my thoughts–nothing particularly articulate here today: Yes, I am ready for a full marathon because I’ve already done several half-marathons in an official capacity–and when I run on my own it is no longer an exception to take 2 hours and 15 minutes, not because I’m slow–I can do 8-minute miles now–but because under the right conditions my endurance allows me to run for very extended periods. Of course, how long would it take to complete a full marathon–3 hours and 30 minutes? I’ve never ran that long before, so in that regard there’s an element of risk. Also, I like variety on my routes. Yesterday I tried to find out how some of Toronto’s parks connect together–and I confirmed that many seemingly distant parks do in fact connect but I have yet to get the precise routes correct in my head. In that process of discovery I entered many trails in the forest and had to dodge branches and even cross the odd stream. I liked that; it’s not that I purposely seeked out such obstacles, but it’s nice for variety. I concluded by reaching the Dairy Queen at Pottery and Broadview via this very (to me, anyway) steep hill–and I have to admit I’m really starting to like steep inclines upwards–it makes the runs even more exhilarating. The vanilla soft-serve was an especially refreshing treat afterwards, even though I know it’s not made with real vanilla bean. Anyway, this Toronto waterfront marathon is nice because of the water, but it’s too flat. So I don’t know yet.

On a completely unrelated front, I have got to stop watching BBC World news. The reporting is too elitist and clearly leftist. I don’t find anything wrong with the left per se, but I want neutrality in my news unless it’s explicitly stated that this is an editorial. They never do that on BBC, just like on most news shows.



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  1. You used to like the BBC news, remember?
    The time it takes to run a marathon for most people is a little over 4 hours. So where do you come up with 3 & a half? (Yes, it can be done – by some Ehiopian Olympic runner!).
    I will continue to maintain you are over-exercising with all that running. But I will support you in your quest to try a full marathon, whenever you should decide to.

  2. Hi Eric,

    That was a very interesting piece you blogged. Your mom gave me this website to look at. I hope we can make an appointment to meet soon. You could send me an email to the address above. Just wondering do you know of any good bike trails too? Thanks.

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