Putin’s Russia, Litvinenko’s murder

July 24, 2007 at 5:52 pm | Posted in Miscellania, Politics | 2 Comments

The poisoned spy–expelled diplomats row between the UK and Russia keeps on getting worse. I’m taking the British government’s side on this one; Alexander Litvinenko was clearly murdered by “former” FSB agent Andrei Lugovoy. Although to be fair, I’m not sure why Britain felt the need to expel four Russian diplomats. Brown’s government knew that the Russian administration would refuse its extradition request; justice and the rule of law are big jokes in the former USSR and they have been for some time. Either British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is behaving overzealously in a misguided effort to show that he cannot be walked over despite an upcoming withdrawal from Iraq, or Scotland Yard sees England itself being intercepted by a host of former-KGB agents attempting to perform hits under the watchful eye of Putin, which is possible considering some recent remarks from the spy agency. Or perhaps Brown is just proving to be very stupid when it comes to diplomacy.

Although he sometimes appears to lose his cool, one thing you can’t fault Putin on is how he makes himself look under such crises; he’s no crude Robert Mugabe with his “we will bash them (in reference to opposition protestors).” Consider his response to Britain’s demand: “‘They need to treat their partners with respect, then we will show respect to them,’ Putin said. ” (Putin accuses Britain of colonialism, July 24th, 2007) On the face of it such a response sounds reasonable enough, but then how does Putin define “respect”?

Anyway, I’ve been reading Death of a Dissident by Litvinenko’s wife and, while she clearly has no neutrality on the subject matter about her husbands life and death, I’m still convinced more than ever before that the bombings that preceded the latest Chechen war–the terrorist explosions in Moscow and at various train stations–were in fact orchestrated by “rogue” elements of the FSB to turn ordinary Russians into an anti-Chechen furor and get Vladimir Putin into power on an agenda to promote security. I am not one of those 9/11 conspiracy theorists, but this conspiracy, as alleged even byAlex Litveninko himself befor his untimely demise, seems to make a great deal of sense when you realise how fractured the FSB is and how they have several different loyalties. The late Boris Yeltsin, whose ill health preceeding his death was in large part due to his self-inflicted alcoholism, had neither the physical or mental strength to get the FSB under control. It’ll be interesting to see how this case develops. Russia’s definitely a country to watch in the news these next few years.



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  1. wow Eric. Once again I’m so impressed with your konwledge! Now I think Brown (in Britain) is an idiot! Did you know he won’t refer to the Islamic terrorists as “terrorists?” He calls them something else – escapes me right now.
    Looks like Putin is certainly in control.
    Hope you finish that book!

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