Vanilla milkshakes taste best with real vanilla

July 23, 2007 at 7:37 pm | Posted in Miscellania | 1 Comment

I’m not up for a real serious post today; just letting my family know that I’ve had a pretty good day. Jr. woke me up early at around 7:30 am–possible because the blinds were inadvertently altered during my parents’ last visit and I don’t know hot to quite straighten them out. I had a breakfast of Life cereal with 2% milk, 2 cups of dark-roast coffee, and raisins. At around 9:50 I went for a run to Donland Valley parkway and ended up at a Loblaws I hadn’t been to before, whereby I got assorted goods including organic blueberries on special for like $1.49 per lb. I like it when I save money at the grocery–I’m getting better at it. I know, for example, that when you see a slogan such as “Loblaws saves you more!” that doesn’t mean the item displayed is on sale; it’s just a slogan meant to catch your attention to buy the product. After taking public transit back home and unloading the groceries with jr.’s help, I made a tuna sandwich with kraft cheese and a garden salad with water, then had fat-free vanilla yogurt with added blueberries. I…

Man, even I’m getting bored writing this. These blogs where people write about every single thing that they do; it doesn’t always work. i think more often than not I’ll stick to my news and some other topics. I still want to write about Polynesian culture and mythology, and maybe the Inuit equivalent.


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  1. I for one, love to hear mundane things like what you ate or what you picked up at the store. It shows me how capable you are of living on your own & taking care of business, as they say. So keep this up as well.

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