Where have I been?

April 23, 2007 at 7:19 pm | Posted in Miscellania | 2 Comments

Hey everyone. I know it’s been like five days since I last posted but I’ve been sitting for my sister Stephanie’s (check the blogroll) rather obnoxious bichon-frize at her house and she left no functional computer. Oh well, I suppose it really isn’t that big of a deal. Today just happens to be my birthday. As I type with 1 finger while letting Jr. nibble on my already cartilidge-deprive fingernails (he’s focusing on the thumb now) I ruminate on my past 28 years and how little I have accomplished. OK, I’m done ruminating; it no longer serves a purpose for me in this context. Today was invigorating to be sure; I returned some digital component cables for the wii at the price-gouging Future Shop, forgot my headphones for my  birthday run, but managed to run for 95 minutes through a park off Blythwood I only rarely frequent–I was starving after but satisfied my hinger with a rainbow sushi salad combo and two birthday cupcakes. Anyway, this welcome-back post is getting kind of lame, and the French background  news is causing my skin to tingle while I think about ulnar nerve entrapment and cubal-tunnel syndrome and other stream-of-consciousness rants so I’m ending the post for now and hoping for a better one tomorrow.



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  1. You did a GREAT babysitting job for Leo! Even Steph admitted he was well taken care of.
    Don’t put yourself down -on 28 years -either. You accomplised alot! A university education, totally self-sufficient living on your own, with all that it entails, a super bird owner (2ce), self-read (You have more political knowledge that anyone I know!),a serious exercisier (which alot of people would envy), and last, but not least, a phenomenal video-game player! 28 years ago today, you took your first breaths of air for your life in this world. I think you’ve come along way!

  2. Happy birthday little bro! Thanks again for the dog/house sitting. Job well done. And I’d echo mom, you have a lot to be proud of, in spite of what you may think.

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