An example of Al-Qaida hypocrisy

April 11, 2007 at 4:31 pm | Posted in Politics | 2 Comments

A tragic event occured in Algiers today when 23 people died in 2 bombings. Al-Qaida in North Africa claimed responsibility, but remember that they were previously known as GSPC way back in 1992 before Al-Qaida was nearly as prominent. Algeria’s battle for independance from France as well as its post-colonial history is unfortunately rich with internal contradictions and strife, and at times it seems like its independance became a wasted opportunity. Regardless of what the GSPC calls itself now, its actions are especially reprehensible because they kill the very people they claim to represent in far greater proportion to their supposed targets. This quote says it all: A March 3 bombing of a bus carrying workers for a Russian company killed a Russian engineer and three Algerians. A December attack near Algiers and targeting a bus carrying foreign employees of an affiliate of Halliburton killed an Algerian and a Lebanese citizen.

Well there you have it. Alright, I know this entry and analysis is sort of sloppy, as I’m just not in top blogging form today, but this is the last time I’m going to allow this to happen. It’s the last time I’m going to allow myself to slack off regardless of the reason; I promise. From tomorrow onward, all the bugs have been ironed out, and I’m going to do an honest and thorough analysis and editorial of as many stories that catch my eye as I can. You’ll see; this is not an empty promise.  



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  1. Why not blog whenever the feeling strikes you? If you come to see blogging as an obligation, it will seem less fun and you won’t want to do it as much.

  2. You might have a point–but I read somewhere that to keep your blog interesting you are supposed to add entries every day. That information just stuck with me.

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