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April 9, 2007 at 5:35 pm | Posted in Politics | Leave a comment

The following stories caught my attention today:

So firstly, we have tens of thousands of Shiites calling for the removal of American forces in Iraq. I think, in itself, this is certainly a fair demand. The entire American occupation, from the administration to the military, have already shown their woeful incompetence. There’s a really good book I think you should read detailing much of this called The Assassin’s Gate. I know that there already are a lot of books on this subject out there already, but I think this is one of the better ones. Also, an insider unveiled his report a couple of days ago, and his revelations are depressing but hardly shocking. But, from an outsider’s perspective, I can’t help but feel that Al-Sadr shot himself in the foot years ago. His religious convictions may have obliged him to “resist” all occupying forces, but surely he knew that it was and is the Sunni extremists that were doing the majority of the killing, massacres and raping. Even Shiite extremists were very pleased when American forces deposed Saddam Hussein and, as bungled and corrupt as the invasion may have been, it still seemed pretty ingratuitous when in less then a year Sadr started attacking US forces. If this was truly his intent, at the least he could have waited until the US took care of the Sunni insurgency, in fact ally his militia with them, and then fight the Americans after the Sunni extremists had been rooted out. But now it is too late; the dye has been cast. Al-Sadr has declared his militia an enemy for years now, and the “coalition” has no choice but to engage. In my opinion, this doesn’t seem to be very savvy on Sadr’s part.

Well, I told you I had some bugs to work out and I still do; I’m getting constantly interrupted by Jr. and the IM. I won’t have time to comment on the rest of the stories. Next time I write a blog entry I’ll set my IM to ‘busy.’


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