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April 5, 2007 at 8:14 pm | Posted in Miscellania | 3 Comments

I’m still upset that it’s so difficult to get a wii even now. Nintendo claims that it was caught by complete surprise by the huge demand for its latest console, but that’s bullshit. The pre-launch hype for this thing was huge; Nintendo’s marketing and PR budget was spared no expenditure. How could Nintendo not expect such a huge demand? Let’s look at the numbers–according to HD news of www.hdtv.co.uk

In total, 335,000 Wiis, 228,000 Xbox 360s, and 127,000 PS3s were sold in February 2007 in the US. The Wii is outselling all other consoles in the short term but has a ways to go to catch up to Microsoft in terms of total sales. The Latest cumulative figures for the US for the three major games consoles: 5.1 million Xbox 360s, 1.9 million Nintendo Wiis, and 1.1 million PS3s.

So come on, in the entire month of February, Nintendo was just barely able to manufacture 335 000 units? It still hasn’t even sold 30% of the Xbox 360 numbers. Still, it’s possible to blame a worldwide manufacturing shortage, until you consider this:   

“Merchandise does not move in the January-March quarter – that is the norm in this industry,” Nintendo spokesman Yasuhiro Minagawa said. “But ours somehow did. (CNN Money, April 05, 2007)”.

In other words, Nintendo deliberately withheld production of wii units because they didn’t figure they would sell enough volume during the months of January to March. There may be another more sinister motive: the Nintendo fiscal year does not begin until April, and the Wii was released last November. By Nintendo’s own admission, wii unit sales exceeded projected forecasts for the remainder of the 2006/07 year. It’s quite possible that production has been relatively limited to “test” the market, and now that the hype is in full swing, the units will finally start to flood store shelves in anticipation for an especially profitable April-June quarter. Which is good for me, I guess, if I can just hold on for a couple of more weeks.

And I really have no choice; Nintendo has me by the balls for several reasons. Firstly, as I explained yesterday, I sold my gamecube but retained most of the software titles and for me to never get the wii would be a waste of the titles I already own, as the wii is also a self-contained gamecube. Secondly, the wii has several games, both present and future, that are series titles and sequels to games that I am already a big fan of. This includes, but may not be limited to, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn.  So, I have no choice, for all intents and purposes I have to get a wii.

On to issues that are much more serious, the following events around the world caught my attention today:

Whew–that’s a lot to comment on, and it’s already 8:06. But I feel it would be more completionist to do so.




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  1. wow eric! Thats alot of writing! As for the Nintento Wii, no one can accuse you of not doing your homework! You have all the facts! And yes, you have to wait for the Wii with all those games you already own.
    As for those headlines, I never even heard of them – you are so current! (That small dog is a goner, I guess.) Hard to keep up with so much. Is that what you were doing in the library?

  2. Well all things considered even though Nintendo did all of there hyping of its new system it still had to compete with Sony’s PS3. Perhaps they thought that the PS3 would balance out there production numbers after all sony also put forth just as much advertising as Nintendo did.

  3. I suppose that’s possible…

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