I have got to get the Wii!

April 3, 2007 at 5:36 pm | Posted in Miscellania | 1 Comment

Yes, I am guilty as charged. I have fallen for the Nintendo hype-driven consumer-driven materialistic of-no-real-importance hype-machine that is more simply known as the wii. Normally I couldn’t care less that a system five months past the launch date is still apparently such a hot item, but I have my own unique dilemma to think of. You see, back at around the start of November, shortly beforethe wii first came out and I had yet to decide whether or not it was worth getting, an…incident occured that, through chain reaction, caused me to become very suicidal. Wanting to die sooner rather than later, I sold my gamecube. I’m no longer suicidal, although as an aside I  still have nothing against the concept of suicide and have the utmost respect for people who choose to transcend the shame of the act, but I’m out of what was a clean, well-kept, perfectly fine gamecube and it just so happens that the Wii also has the gamecube as a self-contained unit. Except, I never would have guessed that the system is practically unattainable save for constant, 24-hour 6-day-a-week store surveillance and a tolerance for waiting in very long lines at five in the morning. Uh-uh, I’m not going to do that. But I still want that Wii, and if I didn’t sell that gamecube I at least could have played the GC ver. of TWP (Twilight Princess) while I waited. I plan on purchasing the PS2 Disgaea sequel eventually, but that kind of stat-heavy game does not fit my mood right now, and I’m not going to buy a game I have no intention of playing. Thus, I am resigned to be on the constant lookout for additional Wiis without resorting to the pirates on ebay. Of course, in the rest of the world, people are being slaughtered in genocides, tyrannies are maintaining their power, and so forth but, hey, such comparatively worse situations do little to dissuade me about my own issues. Sorry.


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  1. If you wanted to play a game with the gamecube, I DON’T understand why you sold Robbie’s (for the time being). Thata a mystery for me. Even if it didn’t meet your standards, it still was usable.
    If one has to learn patience in this worls, you’re learning it now.

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