Confessions of a former blogger

March 26, 2007 at 9:01 pm | Posted in Miscellania | Leave a comment

I have a small confession to make; this actually isn’t my first attempt at blogging. I first made an attempt on the blog-train around 14 months ago via blogger. I found it wasn’t search-engine friendly and in short order gave up on it, but I also now figure it’d be a waste to have those entries go to waste. Plus, I’m too lazy to write a substantial entry today anyway ;). Well, here is my ambitious entry of yesteryear:

For The Love of Quakers Saturday, January 07, 2006

Well, with no photo intact, I realise it doesn’t matter and just felt like blogging today. So what am I going to blog about? Well I’ve had a lot of ideas, and an idea that I have had for over a year now is to study to a moderate degree every single recognised country in the world in alphabetical order. I figure, why not? I kept on putting it off, but I guess if I’m blogging I kind of have an excuse to get this project started. However, I also want to post and/or comment on stories from places in the world that don’t get covered that much, and as such may try to write about certain countries that aren’t in the proper order if there are interesting news items to be found that complement them. It’s an ambitious project that doesn’t have much of a point, but I’m doing it for my own self-satisfaction.

As for what I did this Saturday, not much. I didn’t even exercise. I did, however, play a lot of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiancefor the GC, which is a great game in small doses. My problem with many games these days is the programmers’ seemingly lazy decisions to require gamers to play through their games multiple times if they wish to unlock all the extras and bonus content–oftentimes said bonus content isn’t really worth the multiple playthroughs. Just a minor gripe in what has been an uneventful life this past year (i.e–one week).

Being a Saturday night I can’t exactly go right now to the library to begin “comparative government” research, but remember I also think Quaker parrots are the cutest parrots on the planet, and with that in mind I found a couple of intriguing sites about the wild quaker parrots…of Brooklyn. So, even though this isn’t exactly usual, if you don’t know what quakers look like visit go directly to an interesting subportion of the web page, The former site is at times pretty funny.

Well, perhaps it’s for the best that I never pursued learning in depth information of every country in alphabetical order; the task would be never-ending. For now I’m still opting not to renew that idea I had of last year. My opinion on quakers, however, still stands. They’re still pretty cute. In fact, in hindsight I realise that this showing was not one, but two journal entries in one day. From now on if I feel like a second post on the same day I’ll proceed. 


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