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March 25, 2007 at 8:31 pm | Posted in Miscellania | 2 Comments

I don’t think I feel like a large post right now but I may update this if my mood changes. Nothing really special happened to me today, although I did have a minor annoyance when my plans were derailed. I wasn’t supposed to sit for Leo today, but he woke up my twin sister Carly twice last night and was being particularly difficult, so I came to help out. She was nice enough to bake chocolate chip cookies, and I indulged and had a couple. My mistake was going running immediately after the last cookie, which never would have happened if I hadn’t gone over there to begin with, which I wasn’t supposed to anyway, as I am scheduled to sit for Leo tomorrow. Anyway, I felt like vomiting out all the cookies while running, so I had to stop, and I didn’t go to the gym either. Last time I was weighed I was 129 lbs, which is slightly underweight. I could stand to gain a few pounds, but my appetite isn’t that big. This could be a problem; I mean, how many people do you hear of that struggle to gain the appetite for chocolate-chip cookies?

 Regardless, I can’t say I feel altogether lousy despite my deficiency of cardiovascular activity today; I actually still feel rather content. Apparently the endorphin effects of three consecutive days of 90+ minutes of running can last through a couple of days of relatively little exercise. Tomorrow I’ll be back on track for sure though.

As I type, my quaker parrot Jr. is playing and acting silly next to the computer ripping at some papers that he probably shouldn’t be at. Yeah, I do have a four-year old blue parrot–hence the web address. I should upload a pic of him, but the truth is I don’t have many good ones. Well, now he’s trying to pull down the web-cam so it’s time to end this entry before he gets into real trouble. 



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  1. Thanks for looking in and taking care of Leo. I know he’s not the easiest dog, but I really appreciate it. I wouldn’t have wanted to run after the cookies either – wouldn’t have wanted to…toss them :o)

  2. When you get in a bad mood – for whatever reason – realize it will pass & try & make the best of it. Nothing is forever – & that goes for moods too

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