Running and Africa

March 24, 2007 at 1:46 am | Posted in Miscellania | 4 Comments

Ah, today finally felt like spring, making my 94 minute run one of my more enjoyable this season, but tomorrow I’m taking an exercise break regardless of the weather. I might go to the gym for strength-training, but that would be it. I had to sit for my sister Stephanie’s dog Leo today, but I didn’t mind; he’s actually pretty cute and was glad to see me. We hung out and played tug of war while I watched a PVR showing of SNL on her giant plasma screen TV. This was the one with Juila Louis Dreyfus, probably last weekend’s. I haven’t seen SNL in a while, but I have to admit that if this show was any indication it has gotten over its very long slump and probably is now worthy of higher ratings; I laughed at every single sketch, even the final ones which used to have a reputation of being the sketches designated for the garbage dump. I only wish I knew how to get the surround sound to work.

 On the news front–today’s theme appears to be Africa–mostly Zimbabwe, but also a thing or two on the Sudan and Chad. The mainstream media is finally, albeit belatedly, giving Zimbabwe the coverage it deserves. I’ve been reading up on Zimbabwe’s recent (last 30 years) history and President Robert Mugabe was once seen as a hero against apartheid–what could have gone wrong over the years? PBS has an excellent analysis on the subject with a Frontline documentary entitled “Shadows and Lies“. I also have posted a variety of Reuters and AP stories on the current crises that you can read at the end of today’s entry. As for the Sudan, it’s atrocious what is happening there now, but I found an excellent blog from an esteemed academic that covers this subject in great detail over at

Well, I think I’ll wrap it up for tonight; I want to finish off a session of the current videogame I’m playing, Baten Kaitos Origins. I want to get a Wii, but, if my local game-store is to be believed, the last ten units have been sold and new shipments won’t be available until May 15th. It’s ridiculous, I know, because the Wii was launched last November. Ah well, can’t complain.



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  1. Hmm well the lack of wiis until May just proves how popular the system truly is. On the other hand I hear it is very easy to find the PS3 hmmmm I wonder what that means?

  2. Well it means that Nintendo focused on delivering a quality product to the massed whilst Sony focused on their marketing campaign to the hardcore. When even the hardcore got fed up, the PS3 bombed, at least for now. But come on Nintendo, so what if you’re focusing on Europe? Can’t you chew gum and walk at the same time–keep on releasing units in the West fast please!

  3. Another birthday is coming soon for you, and I think the “wii” was supposed to be you birthday present from LAST year! So I’m anxiously awaiting you finally getting it for THIS birthday! But its you that has to go buy it!
    The Zangwells are leaving for Africa (2 week trip) right after Passover.

  4. The Zangwells are going to Zimbabwe to see Victoria Falls. They have to take malaria pills before they go. Ugh.

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