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March 21, 2007 at 10:58 pm | Posted in Miscellania | 2 Comments

Well, I’ve finally decided to get in with the trend and publish my own blog. I have no idea how long this will last–maybe a few years, or maybe a few days, but I figured I’ll never get into blogs if I don’t at least jump in and try. There’s not a great deal I have to say right now, but in the long term (if there will be a long term) I’m hoping this site becomes a miscellany of various interests, including my thoughts and opinions on various issues, a journal on my personal life, videogame and book reviews, my thoughts and ramblings on the magnificent parrot, particularly the adorable Quaker parrot, news items throughout the world that are covered in as fair and as even-handed a way as possible, you name it. Ambitious? Yes. Pointless? Maybe. But I won’t know unless I give this thing a go for myself. So here’s to the future of my blog and, needless to say, comments would be most welcome.



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  1. I wish you lots of success with your new blog. I, for one, will be checking it regularly.

  2. Nice to see you’ve jumped onto the blog train. I’ll definitely check in.

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